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Lower Groove Guitars was established by Steve Genereux

in 1995 while residing in Colorado.

Steve is a lifelong musician, repair tech, and Luthier (guitar builder)


 He began learning woodworking at a young age in the 1960’s from his father,

a skilled wood and metal worker. Steve was already playing bass, drums,

and guitar by age 7, playing his first paying gig at 11 years old.

Every instrument and speaker cabinet that made its way into

the house found itself torn to pieces just to learn how it worked.

This led to a multitude of instruments being purchased, modified,

re-painted, new bodies or necks built and just about anything

else to make it better or different than what it was originally.


In 1993, while living in Colorado, Steve decided to start adding to the

tool inventory and really dig into building some quality basses and guitars.

After getting 12 or so instruments built and sold, a flood in 1997 hit his shop

in Fort Collins and completely wiped out his business.

That same year he and his family relocated to Dodge City, Kansas

and have called it home since.


In 2005, some quality tools were acquired, and working in a small one

room shop, he started building again. Making the decision

to go full time in 2010, he greatly expanded the

shop space, tools and machinery. 

Being hands on, from ordering the wood to final setup

and everything in between, he’s passionate about what he does.


Steve is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, playing with many bands live and in

the studio throughout a career spanning over 50 years as a bassist/guitarist.

This gives him the experience to know what a great bass

or guitar should feel and sound like.


Many hours are dedicated to creating his own unique body and neck designs,

allowing him to meticulously build handmade instruments that

“play, look, and sound great”

Once you pick one up, you won’t want to put it down.


Steve and Lower Groove are committed to making your

instrument build with us a unique one of a kind experience.

Put simply, quality and customers come first!

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