• Steve

It's PHENOM-enal!

Released in May of 2019.The first production model of the PHENOM

is now in the capable hands of Lower Groove Artist, Beau Rodriguez.

Words from Beau

Working with Steve was a one of a kind experience. To see my 'PHENOM' guitar get built from scratch was amazing. Steve kept in contact during the build process and reached out to me to ensure my preferences for this instrument were met. This made me feel and realize that Steve’s pride behind his work is top notch. Every time I play a show I have people coming up and complementing me

on both of these guitars. They sound and play just as beautiful as they look! I must say, Lower Groove Guitars are perfectly crafted, finely set up, and built to last.

Jorge is also a member of the Lower Groove team. I am more than satisfied with my guitar.

Much Love, Beau

Beau also uses a BADAZZ, the first guitar he ordered from Lower Groove!


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