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Scott Sewell Endorses Lower Groove

We are proud to have Scott Sewell on board as Lower Groove's latest endorsee. He is the bassist for Atomic Suede out of Topeka, Kansas. His Lower Groove, HOOK 4 in Purplessence color was completed in December of 2015 and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it. He has been rocking with a Lower Groove MT in White Chocolate color for more than a year now. If you’re out by Topeka or Kansas City try to catch Scott with Atomic Suede at one of their killer shows. Hit them up on facebook and give them a like.

I have considered buying a custom bass for years, but most options

I looked into seemed so impersonal and not very custom.

Best Bass featured a beautiful deep red bass by Lower Groove Guitars, located in my state, and not that far away from me. The pictures of the HOOK 5 bass that was built for a previous client looked like a killer instrument, which made up my mind to take the five hour drive to see what he had to offer.

I took a trip out to Dodge City and met with Steve, there were instruments all around the shop in various stages of construction and finishing.One look and I knew immediately he was the guy I wanted to have build my first custom bass. The purple HOOK 4 bass I chose is the most comfortable instrument I’ve ever played. I love the body design, it’s perfectly balanced, lightweight, and the satin finished maple neck plays like a dream. The EMG pickups and the BQC active EQ system offer unbelievable tone and flexibility. All things that seemed to be lacking in the J Bass I played for years. It’s now resting peacefully!

Steve’s craftsmanship and attention to detail is impeccable. I have owned some high-end basses from the so-called popular brands and none come close to matching the overall quality, construction, and feel of this bass. Far beyond the production line instruments you find in many stores. In addition to the Hook bass, I also enjoy playing his one-off MT bass, my first purchase from Lower Groove.

I used to look at my basses as tools to get a job done, but when I first got my hands on this bass it struck me as much more than just another tool, but a piece of art. The craftsmanship and playability of this bass is high end and definitely in the custom shop or boutique world. You won’t be disappointed with one of his instruments in your hands!

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